Dutch conscription now also for women

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In the Netherlands the conscription for the army is now also for women. The amendment of the law happens because of the importance of equality between men and women.

The Second Chamber in the Netherlands has approved on Tuesday the amendment of the law well. Although conscription still applies in the Netherlands, compulsory attendance has been twenty years suspended. The netherlands has a regular army, and the compulsory voting not to abolish.

Equal treatment

The netherlands leads the change for the sake of equal treatment between men and women. Women were excluded from military service because of their disadvantage on the labour market, but according to defence are women, meanwhile, are equally educated as men. And the army has highly trained specialists needed. Dutch prime Minister Mark Rutte (VVD) writes in the explanation of the law: “equal rights heard of equal obligations’.

The change has practical consequences, since all the girls of 17 years, in addition to the boys, now also a letter about the military service.

The netherlands is not the only European country where military service for both women and men. In Sweden and Norway are also the women called.

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