Downloadzaak Klaas de Jong against State Thursday, in treatment

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The court in The Hague will bow Thursday on the case that Sekam, an umbrella organization of Dutch film producers, and producer Klaas de Jong have been brought against the Dutch state.

The film producers make the State liable for the financial damage that the Dutch film industry for years, suffering through illegal downloading. Although the European Court already in 2014 certain that it is the downloading of films and series from illegal source is prohibited, the Dutch government, according to the producers done nothing to this kind of practices to a halt. The case will drag for several years. The non-legal watch of movies cost the Dutch film industry each year, many millions of euros, according to the creators.

The court addresses first the question of whether the State can be held liable, and whether there are any errors made in the enforcement of the rules. If only the producers in the same are made, a possible claim to offer.


The filmmakers are laid in september 2015, a claim will be filed with the Dutch state, but this was by the ministry of Security and Justice. Talks between the two parties produced according to the film producers also have nothing on. Therefore, steps the producers are now officially to the right. “The ban on illegal downloading of films and series must be actively maintained, just as happens with shoplifting or black travel in public transport,” says film producer Klaas de Jong, director of the successful film Michiel de Ruyter.

Illegal downloading in the Netherlands was long officially tolerated. This was compensated by a so-called thuiskopieheffing which is included in the price of devices that can be used to stream music and movies to download and watch. This arrangement dates back to the seventies. The European Court of Justice tapped the Netherlands on this in april 2014, however on fingers. Since then, the Netherlands has officially downloadverbod. The makers who go to court, find that the government here is not enough work.


Figures from, say, Germany, where piracy is, however, hard tackling, show that the film industry there are proportionally less income foregone. In Germany close providers sites that have illegal movies and series to offer off and get illegal downloaders often claims in the bus. The income from dvd sales and VOD are here even risen again, the producers.

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