Diane Kruger: ‘It was a joy to work with Quentin Tarantino to work on

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The director treated her with respect.

Actress Diane Kruger defends filmmaker Quentin Tarantino. She says that the cooperation with him during Inglorious Bastards was ‘pure pleasure’.

In an interview with the New York Times unveiled Uma Thurman Saturday that she was forced to make a dangerous stunt on the set of Kill Bill in 2003. She accused Tarantino doing that

he for scenes in the film had on her spitting and her had strangled.

Since then, Thurman Tarantino forgiven.

Tarantino has stated that it is the responsibility took for the spit – and wurgscenes so that they would be good, without multiple takes were needed. He gave as an example that he also has a wurgscene with Diane Kruger has run to the scene to get them just right.

Kruger says that Tarantino during the shoot and very respectful. On Instagram reacted Kruger in all the commotion, because her name several times in articles passed by.

Kruger: “This is an important moment, and my heart goes out to Uma and to anyone who ever has been the victim of sexual abuse and harassment. I support you. But I want to say that my experience with Quentin Tarantino’s pure fun. He has me treated with respect and has never power abused or me ever forced to do something I’m not comfortable with felt.’

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