Creators ‘Game of Thrones’ deposit on new ‘Star Wars’

b7c3b5bf92928a86b6d5a40f7a59fdea - Creators 'Game of Thrones' deposit on new 'Star Wars'

The duo behind the popular fantasyserie ‘Game of Thrones’ is a new series of ‘Star Wars’films. That has Disney subsidiary Lucasfilm announced.

“David Benioff and D. B. Weiss are among the best storytellers of the moment”, Lucasfilm-topvrouw Kathleen Kennedy. “The craftsmanship with which they complex characters and rich mythological stories to create ‘Star Wars’ advance in a direction that I very exciting find.”

For the new movies are still no release dates announced. The two would only start after the insanely popular ‘Game of Thrones’ is complete. Next year is the eighth and final season of the series broadcast. The images still.

The duo refers in a first reaction to the long history of the ‘Star Wars’franchise. “In the summer of 1977, we are to a galaxy far, far away, traveled, and since then, have we dreamed of”, it sounds. “We are honored, a little scared of the responsibility and also very excited to start.”

The next ‘Star Wars’-films that are expected, ‘Solo: A Star Wars story,” on may 23 of this year and ‘Episode IX’, perhaps in may 2019.

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