Clint Eastwood verfilmt foiled attack in Thalys with real heroes in the lead role

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Three men were sitting in August 2015, in a Thalys when a man with a kalashnikov opened fire, they knew him, however, to be overpowered and could be a bloodbath occur. The movie “the 15:17 to Paris”, about their heroism, on Monday premiered. The men in question play the role of their own story.

The film is based on the book that the three men themselves wrote about the event. In the film, the three friends followed from their infancy to the unlikely event in the train.

The three friends were backpacking through Europe. In the train from Amsterdam to Paris, they heard the sound of an automatic weapon that was passed on the toilet. They wanted the man when he got out of the toilet came questioning, which he began shooting. They grabbed in and overmeesterden the man, but were thereby seriously injured. From all sides they received praise for their performance. U.s. president Barack Obama spoke of a heroic effort and the former French Prime minister Bernard Cazeneuve said that they “probably life have saved many people”.

Wekenland left actor-director Clint Eastwood people to audition for the lead roles, but he got the three men out of his head. When the Baker they approached for the role, they were not immediately excited. None of them had ever set foot on a film set. “I wanted the movie not to ruin it,” says one of them in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. “Real actors can this is likely to be much better.” But soon they were convinced to. “You don’t want to over a number of years and look back and then imagine that you are in a movie by Clint Eastwood could play, but that you have not done it.”

Eastwood advised the men to acting classes to follow, because it would seem “as if you were acting.” “I want you to just do, and in a natural way naspeelt how it happened.” Eastwood has especially in view to try to bring what the men did decide to intervene. “What would most people do? Hiding under a seat. What makes it that these men opsprongen and afrenden on someone who has a weapon aimed at them?”

The heroes – an American student, an American soldier and a British business – aspire to now all three have a career as a professional actor. “But we are also already happy with what we have now put down,” said one of them. “And if the movie is not well received? We are not angry to be right? This is what happened.”

“It was very interesting to return to the train to come. It was not traumatic for us since no one that day life has left and there is a lot postitiefs from is uncle,” testified one of their to the French magazine Paris Match.

The new project is located in the line of Eastwoods latest productions, each based on real-life stories of characters with extraordinary experiences. Examples are “American Sniper” (2014), or “Sully” (2016).

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