CIA helps Abbas to spy on its own people

a0068619ce7dad25f99c66dfc46c8fd0 - CIA helps Abbas to spy on its own people

RAMALLAH – Mahmoud Abbas spioneert with the help of the CIA on his own rivals and allies. Thousands of Palestinians for a long time were monitored by a special unit, for which no legal basis is.

That is in a document of a former Palestinian intelligence officer, on the basis of which the head of the order of lawyers and an ex-inlichtingenbaas a complaint filed against the Palestinian Authority.

The disclosure comes at a sensitive time for Abbas, on whom the criticism about his authoritarian action increases. He appears behind the scenes, working closely with the United States, a country that he publicly denounces because of the recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel. That will be bad fall in the population, furious at America.

The 82-year-old Abbas is, after all, little popular among the Palestinians: more than two third he wants his stuff picks up. But both America and Israel is of him though, especially because he is violent resistance excludes.

Abbas was in 2005 for a term of four years, but is still in power. The parliament is already more than ten years are not met and the free press is gemuilkorfd. So since recently, there is a new, controversial cyberwet of force with which the Palestinian Authority is, in fact, the internet control and censoring.

The recently surfaced document, 37 pages long, is written by a former intelligence officer who is no longer the ’dirty work’ says to want to do. There would not only militants from Hamas and other organisations will be closely monitored, but also lawyers, judges and political rivals. That information is with the CIA shared.

Abbas, who is struggling with health problems, to switch off all his rivals, without allowing his own succession. Official would be the chairman of the place should take, but that is a member of Hamas. Many fear a bloody power struggle among the Palestinians after a possible death of the president.

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