Chinese space station in ruins soon

5c489391c096551675d710adc1bb20b6 - Chinese space station in ruins soon

DARMSTADT – The end is near for the first space station of China. Heavenly Palace 1, as the structure is called, will have a few weeks to decompose in the atmosphere. The European space agency, ESA, estimates that between 25 march and 17 april happens.

It is not possible to predict when it exactly occurs and above which part of the world’s demise will be. The netherlands do in any case, not to worry. The space station does not exceed 43 degrees north latitude (for example, where Spain is located) and not under 43 degrees latitude south (New Zealand). The largest part of the space station will burn up in the atmosphere. A few fragments that survive and crash into earth.

Heavenly Palace 1 weighs 8.5 tons. The complex was launched in 2011 and was used for manned and unmanned missions.

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