Cattrall thank you SATC-colleagues for support after death of brother

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Kim Cattrall has via Instagram thanks for the support she has received during the absence and after the death of her brother Chris. She mentioned, in particular, her Sex And The City-colleagues.

When earlier this week it was revealed that the six days lost brother of Kim Cattrall had died, responded to Sarah Jessica Parker on Instagram. Under a post of her old colleague condoleerde they Kim and her family. Also Sex And The City actress Cynthia Nixon responded to the message. They wrote to Kim: “What a terrible news. I’m sorry to have to hear. I send you lots of love.”

The messages of Sarah Jessica, Cynthia and her other followers have Kim well done, she let Tuesday know. “I want my fans, friends, and my Sex And The City-colleagues, thank you for the overwhelming support for me and my family in the last 72 hours.”


The past few months carried Cattrall and Parker a big hassle via social and other media. It started when Parker her disappointment expressed about a third SATC movie at the last moment did not come to fruition. Soon came rumors that it was because of excessive demands of Kim. He, however, via Twitter know that she is already a year earlier dropped out for a third film. In an interview she declared that Sarah Jessica ’what kind’ could have been against her.

The bickering continued when Kim on British television told that they were never truly friends has been with her Sex And The City-colleagues. Sarah Jessica had responded when prompted in an interview the actress said that she was broken of that statement from her ex-colleague.

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