Cardi B on new single Jennifer Lopez

3beff9c4536004a1583fb1da75554147 - Cardi B on new single Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has for her new single with the help of Cardi B on. The rapper and singer is featured on the number Dinero.

For fans of J. Lo is the news does not come as a big surprise. Jennifer’s boyfriend Alex Rodriguez had in his Instagram Stories at the end of december accidentally in a conversation to hear between the singer and dj Khaled, her new music produces. In addition, they discussed just that Cardi only on that portion’ of a song to hear would be.

Jennifer confirmed the collaboration Tuesday on the website of Latina. “I have the idea that you already know that I with Cardi B have worked with. There comes a song with her, and quickly. I still don’t know how the video will look like, but we’ll see what we come up with.”

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