Bart Peeters with mom in public

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Bart Peeters and his mother, Suz Van Boekel come along. Bart is a child of the public broadcaster, but also of Marcel Peeters and Suz From Boekel. Tonight shows that he is just a small, but very important link in the vast network of the family Peeters, a huge TV – family that is firmly interwoven with the Flemish television and where the ramifications of it not more. And that since the very beginning of television in 1953.

How a talent show, a nightmare for the candidates

“I had them a bit ridiculous”
In 1980, wants the public broadcaster, a talent show organize, but The gongshow is earlier than the antenna removed. In the Gongshow not only had the candidates to steal the show, it was mainly the jury that the leading role went to walk away. When you encounter them don’t like it, they could the candidate on the stage ‘uitgongen’. But the jury went hard against them, and made the candidates constantly ridiculous. Whether they have talent or not. It was uitlachtelevisie that now is unthinkable.

“I have many regrets,” says Mary Boduin. She was one of the judges then. Mary is a well-known name in the music business, especially as a lyricist one of the greatest Flemish evergreens. Day Strange man, and That is, fortunately, are among other of her. Since January 29, 1980, she wrestles with feelings of guilt towards the candidates that she unfairly treated.

Steven pulls a bemiddelingsgesprek on the corridor between Mary and one of her former victims.

The ultimate guinea pig
Fifteen years ago, there was a police officer Johan Verhaeghe from Izegem performed as a guinea pig in the duidingsprogramma in this Regard. He was a volunteer to the operation of a brand new weapon to Flanders to demonstrate: the pepper spray.
In the report, he shows the spray in his eyes, and spray. What follows, gives a new dimension to the word abandon. His performance created quite a commotion because from 2003 onwards, the pepper spray no longer tested on people. Thanks to Johan we now know what the impact of pepper spray. He thus has the general purpose served, and steve wants him for that honor, but wondered if his eyes no lasting damage.

How Jan Debruyne, the violent conflict between Rosa and Marianne in the HOME to prevent

On april 15, 1999 will televisiekijkend Flanders, one of the most legendary combat sequences. In the famous episode 627 of flying HOME Rosa and Marianne each other in the hair and crack their years of conflict in all its intensity the open. For days love this catfight, our country is in the ban and the conscious scene over the reeds.

Tonight, take Steven, this iconic fragment under the microscope, because according to Steven there is something wrong in that scene. Together with Jan De Bruyne, a spectator at the time and everything on the first row, polite, Steven in search of the precise circumstances of that particular collision. Because the argument between Rosa and Marianne still had a very different course to be able to know…

Of general interest: Thursday, 8 February at 20: 35 hours on One.

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