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Bart De Pauw job as manager production company

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Tv-maker Bart De Pauw is no longer the manager of Cakes!, his own production company. That is stated in the official gazette.

Bart De Pauw came last year, in speech after reports of unacceptable behaviour. The VRT decided to the cooperation with the tv-face to stop. The popular tv-quiz , Two to the sixth power was immediately the screen removed.

The Peacock in January resigned as director of the productiehuis Koeken Troef!, that he together with his wife led. That is, according to the gazette decided at the general meeting of 19 January.

“Bart De Pauw has taken the decision to withdraw from the function of the manager’, confirms Hilde Timmermans of Cakes! to Focus Knack.

What with Bart De Pauw?

He will be at the VRT for the time being not on the screen. There was the management recently strongly about. The VRT deleted an episode of the yet to broadcast One programme The collective memory in which Bart De Pauw occurred. The panelshow, presented by Kamal Kharmach, on the 27th of January on One of start. The episode with The Peacock as one of the panelists was last year in October, some weeks before the official collaboration was halted.

Also The Pauws last fiction series It’s showtime is for an indefinite duration on the shelf. Meanwhile, a judicial investigation against The Peacock.

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