Bart De Pauw dismissal from his own company

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Two weeks ago, Bart De Pauw resigned from his own company Cakes Asset. At the end of 2008, Bart De Pauw that company along with Helen Perquy. Cakes Trump would especially activities in the media and expanding especially with the tv-programs are engaged. Five years ago, Bart De Pauw, owner of Cakes Plus. His wife, Ines was more than two years ago the manager of the company. At an extraordinary general meeting, Bart De Pauw, with immediate effect, his resignation given to the company. This is his wife Ines the only manager of the company. That is to be read in the publication of the official Gazette. The news is read in the new Focus Knack. Bart De Pauw would his resignation have given. Without a doubt resign with the international behaviour that a few months ago surfaced. Not only Bart De Pauw came in hard waters the visit, also the company’s Cakes Trump ran into trouble by the deletion of the episodes of Two To The Sixth Power. As long as the case of the international behavior has not been clarified. But with the departure of Bart De Pauw would have to agree that Cakes Asset return commands may reap. Or Bart De Pauw still works for it, is not clear.

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