Attacker Finland found himself IS a warrior

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HELSINKI – A Moroccan man who in August last year in Finland two people doodstak and nine wounded, saw himself as a combatant of the terror group. He came to his act because he was angry about us-led attacks in Syria, reported the Finnish police said Wednesday.

Abderrahman Bouanane, an asylum seeker who was at that time 22 years old, has made his actions known. The police considers the attack as the first terrorist attack in the country. He saw himself as a fighter for ISIS. He wanted ISIS the responsibility it would take, but as we know that hasn’t happened,” said the police chief. According to him, acted the man.

Bouanane arrived in 2016 in Finland and lived in a shelter in Turku, where his asylum application was rejected. He told the police after his arrest that he and three months before the attack was begun to be of interest. The police investigation is closed and the process against the man begins in march.

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