Assange catches bone in the right

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LONDON – The arrest warrant against Julian Assange is justified and will not, therefore, be repealed. That the British Magistrates ‘ Court ruled in a lawsuit brought by the WikiLeaks founder was instituted.

According to the lawyers of Assange was the arrest warrant unnecessary. It was issued in connection with a Swedish verkrachtingsaanklacht, but prosecutors in the Scandinavian country has the plug from this cause drawn.

The Magistrates Court was, however, not in this lecture. During the lawsuit over Assanges extradition to Sweden in 2012, he was released on bail. He used this freedom to visit the embassy of Ecuador in London to flee, where he now lurks around the corner. Because he kept to his bail withdrawn, the arrest warrant still useful, said the judge. Someone who has the legs will take during his bail, may in Great Britain a penalty of up to a year in prison.

As a result of the ruling will Assange’s stay in the Ecuadorian embassy, likely to extend. Although the U.S. was not to his extradition and has asked, it is likely that the Americans do so, as soon as he and the embassy leave. The American minister of Justice Sessions has indicated Assange to want to then due to the leaking of American state secrets.

Assange finds itself, that he is locked up in the embassy.

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