‘Ariana Grande cried for days after the attack in Manchester

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Ariana Grande was after the attack at her concert in Manchester in may last year for days of the map. The shock was so severe that the 24-year-old singer is at the time, wondering if they at all ever again could occur.

“When they found out that fans had died she was so sad. She has wept for days”, says her manager Scooter Braun in the podcast Big Questions-with Cal Fussman. Each face and each name of the victims insisted, according to him deep to her. “Because that is who she is.”

Braun visited with Grande after the attack, injured fans and their families in a hospital, an experience that left a deep impression on him, and the singer made. “They were the two toughest hours of our lives,” he says. “After the first family I had to help her. She was distraught.”

“It was so difficult but each time remembered (we remember that, we just go home and that our loved ones were still there while the mother, daughter, son or father never came home.”


Grande and Braun considered after the attack to her tour to cancel, but came back to it when the singer realized that she died, fans wanted to honor and that they did not die for nothing.

“We had not the right to be so sad that we are not able to go”, says Braun. “If the terrorists thought they could stop then they know me and Ariana not yet.”

The attack came 22 people and were more than five hundred people injured. At a benefit concert took Grande in June with fellow pop stars more than 13 million dollars to the victims.

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