Andrei Lugovski will get a lot of steunberichten

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For many people, it was undoubtedly a bolt from the blue when they learned that Andrei Lugovski in danger condition. The singer was, for the time being for unknown reasons poisoned.
The last message of Andrei Lugovski or Facebook dates back to 31 december 2017. He wrote: “Hello all, I am a little bit of the globe Disappeared forgive me it was necessary and is still necessary, but I do want you all a very fine new year’s wish wish with lots of health, love and fun moments in 2018 thank you for beautiful year a best friends and fans.”
Meanwhile, he received many steunberichten to make him feel better to be desired. Some people burn even a candle to support him.

The singer, who on February 26, 1983 was born in the belarusian Minsk took part in the music competition Idol in 2007. He achieved a great third place. The young man started getting better, communicating in English and he did a lot for. The people knew that not only his singing qualities to appreciate, but during and after his performances, there was a spontaneous standing ovation.
Last year, on november 4, he celebrated in The Kaasboerin all of his 10-year career in the presence of a number of fellow artists. This year the celebration is even bigger and on 10 march in his live band are not lacking in his own Ostend, where this grand spectacle in the Casino-Kursaal, would take place. The first concern at the moment for the likeable singer is now especially in this battle of life to win!

Andrei Lugovski began his career with a classic Italian repertoire. Later, he made a nice mix of both pop and opera. Andrei worked with numerous artists, such as Will Tura, Dana Winner, Marjan Berger, Christoff, Richard Clayderman and Johnny Logan, to name a few.
In 2009 he released his first album “My World”, followed by “Passione” in 2010, “Incanto” in 2012 and “Reason to Believe” in 2014. Of the first three, there was still a nice Cadeaubox released.

Text: Nico Vanaken

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