Andrea Nahles: first woman at the helm SPD

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BERLIN – The German social-democrats come to have for the first time under the leadership of a woman, Andrea Nahles. German media reported that party leader Martin Schulz as its function value for a ministerspost in the new grand coalition with the christian democrats under the leadership of chancellor Angela Merkel.

The 47-year-old Nahles comes from the area of Bonn and is seen as someone from the left wing of the social democratic SPD. She is in the third cabinet of angela Merkel (2013-2017) ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and she is now fractievoorzitster in the Bundestag.

The SPD dates from the sixties of the nineteenth century and is the oldest political party of the country. She is a long time also the largest. The party ‘shrinks’ in the last few years, according to many party members by the take part in government in the shadow of Merkel. In the new coalition where Wednesday an agreement has been reached on it, would the SPD is much more in the foreground, with, for example, ministers of Finance, Foreign Affairs and Labour and Social Affairs.

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