America has not for paraderende military

The American president Donald Trump dreaming of a very large military parade in Washington. Only, America has no tradition of military parades. And that is not the only pitfall.

Donald Trump is asking himself for months wondering why the United States has no grand military parades to keep, in which the power of the U.s. army is emphasized. Trump wants Washington for the …

Donald Trump is asking himself for months wondering why the United States has no grand military parades to keep, in which the power of the U.s. army is emphasized. Trump wants Washington before the end of the year as a parade. On the 18th of January had the president in a meeting in the Pentagon, where he had a few topgeneraals gave the order to the possibilities for such a military show up to investigate.

The Washington Post reported it as the first, and spokeswoman of the White House, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, has confirmed: “President Trump has unimaginably great respect for our American soldiers. He has the ministry of Defence therefore asked for the possibilities for a festive celebration to examine, a day when all Americans show their appreciation for the military.”

Trump got the idea when he first somewhere else saw. Last summer was the American president a guest at the military parade in honor of Le quatorze juilletin Paris. He was omvergeblazen by the patriotic mass with tanks, artillery, thousands of troops and fighter jets over Paris. After the parade made Trump the French president Emmanuel Macron first compliments over, and then he said that he was in America such a parade wants to – but bigger’.

“My buildings are the highest

That statement should come as no surprise from a man who, after the terrorist attacks of eleven september was found necessary to point out that, buildings are now the highest of Lower Manhattan were and that the North Korean dictator Kim Jong un via Twitter to let us know that his ‘nuclear button yet greater’.

A private, grand military parade, so it fits absolutely with this American president. But there are also a lot of risks and pitfalls to the plan attached. Tanks and other military gear in the streets of Washington, can easily cost millions of dollars. Congress to so much money to ask for a festive parade can a wrong signal at a time that secretary of Defense James Mattis, supported by his topgeneraals, the parliament understand more money and asks for the operation and the equipment of the army.

Another objection is that a military parade in America do not belong to the tradition belongs. A lot of Americans associate such pageants with autocratic and dictatorial regimes as in Russia or North Korea. Some warn, therefore, that Pyongyang in a military parade in America might interpret it as a new provocation.

Scent of the Cold War

The United States leaps in the recent past, therefore, extremely frugal with parades. George H. W. Bush loved a in 1991, to the end of the gulf war to celebrate, but that was an exception. And George W. Bush wanted to love a parade, but that was difficult, since the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan never actually completed.

There was also military equipment in the festive parades as a result of the eedafleggingen of presidents Harry Truman (1949) and John Kennedy (in 1961), but that was in full Cold War. According to some, there was therefore also a smell.

A date is easy

The appropriate day to choose for such a military parade, and another in October. The national holiday on July 4 is, of course, into consideration, just as Memorial Day on may 28. But the department of Defense gives preference to Veterans Day, on november 11th, because that day would coincide with the hundredth anniversary of the victory in the First world War. In that way, would the military parade is not so strongly associated with president Trump, and with (his) politics. “That is pretty much where everyone hopes for,” said a source in the united states army at The Washington Post.

Election year 2018

With mid-term elections in november 2018, however, an important election year. It is already clear that the parade in the capital, Washington would take place. Where the tanks exactly will roll is still uncertain, but Trump is Pennsylvania Avenue is the most suitable. That is the broad avenue that the White House connects with the Capitol, but also past the new Trump hotel in Washingtons old post office, walk. Such a military parade past the White House and the Trump hotel, is a perfect opportunity for Trump to just before the elections once more in the spotlight, in an attempt to be low populariteitscijfers to boost.

Will this president to resist temptation? Wait and see.

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