Amazon strictly Arnold Schwarzenegger for the new series

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the lead roles in a new television series that currently Amazon is developed. The actor is also working as co-producer of the series. That report entertainmentmagazine Deadline.

‘Outrider’ is a mystery-western, and takes place in the Oklahoma Indian Territory in the late 1800s. The series tells the dark story of a deputy sheriff who is ordered by a notorious judge in the Wild West, a legendary bandit must see to detect. He needs to work with a ruthless ‘federal marshall’. As the story progresses, not only will enemies become allies, but “a series of unpredictable surprises are going to be the border between good and bad blur”, know Deadline.

Schwarzenegger plays a federal marshal, who as a child from Europe immigrated to the United States. ‘Outrider’ is the first major tv-fiction series for “The Terminator” and former governor of California. With reality tv, the actor have already experience. He replaced one for one season Donald Trump as the star and producer of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ on NBC.

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