Ali B buy hardly any designer clothes, because the ‘feel weak’

45219200e5449ca7945fe6021524ed17 - Ali B buy hardly any designer clothes, because the 'feel weak'

Despite the fact that he have the financial resources to expensive designer clothing to buy, shop Ali B preferred the cheaper shops.

“My clothes are almost all from Zara or H&M, I’m not much into designer clothes,” says the artist in conversation with Grazia. “Of course I see all those rappers with expensive clothes and designer bags walk away. And then I think sometimes: should I not do it?”

But if he is inclined to feel such stuff to buy, hear the rapper, whose real name Ali Bouali is a little voice in his head that says that he was “lack of character”.

“Then I think: what am pathetic guest john? Do you have that need? You can not more on personality? You have to compensate with expensive clothes? And that voice is to me so loud that I can’t ignore.”

Therefore it feels for the rapper, who is currently also on display in the movie Patser, “weak as he would admit”. “So then I go again to Zara”.

High level

The 36-year-old Bouali also tells him that he “the financial terms of all the rappers in the Netherlands do best”. “But I’m the one with the least calls. And if I once made a rap uitgooi about how good I am going to, is that immediately on a high level.”

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