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“A clash between Ferrari and the F1 is inevitable”

According to McLaren CEO Zak Brown, it is inevitable that a clash between Ferrari and Liberty Media, which since one and a half year the owner of the Formula 1.

Liberty Media wants the Formula 1 and take the sport closer to the fans. It takes therefore a lot of initiatives but also wants to also do something about the financial situation of the teams and how the prize money in Formula 1 is distributed.

Recently it became known that the F1 teams Force India and Sauber their complaint to the European Commission dropped because they were under the leadership of the new F1-CEO Chase Carey feel better and have more transparency expect. At the same time threatened Liberty Media to include, the distribution of the prize money to revisit it and that would be for a large part at the expense of Ferrari.

The Italian renstal gets because of its historical importance to the sport a part of extra money, but Liberty Media is considering for that bonus to be abolished. That continued, of course, bad blood with Ferrari and the Italians threaten with it the Formula 1 to be abandoned. According to McLaren CEO Zak Brown

“A confrontation between Ferrari and Liberty is inevitable,” said Brown compared to the Spanish newspaper ‘AS’. “Ferrari wants the money to protect that they get because they received an amount that is much higher than the others.”

“We all recognise that Ferrari as a team much more has been added to the sport than any other team and they have to be in ratio then also be rewarded.”

“I think, however, that there is currently no balance and that Liberty only want the best for the sport,” concludes Brown.

Ferrari threatened several times already, with F1 to exit and the opinions are divided whether the Italians actually consider the action to the word to add. Anyway, there will be the coming weeks and months, high game be played between Ferrari and Liberty Media.

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