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7 different stalkers in a row

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Singer Lana del Rey recently had a stalker behind her, who attempted to kidnapping. It is already a well-known phenomenon that fans have an obsession to create can skip in stalking. But did you know that there are different forms of stalking? Metro light they are.

Stalking is the continuous harassment of a person by which he or she is deprived feeling of freedom and safety. It is a psychological power game that someone is completely crazy. There are different levels of stalking, and there are also different types of stalkers. In most cases stalkers are mentally or emotionally unstable people.

The psychotic stalker

1. The first stalker is a curious: “psychotic stalker”. This stalks from a psychosis and mean actually very good. He or she thinks, for example, that the victim was abducted by martians and wants the person in question for this preserve.

The rejected stalker

2. “The rejected stalker’ is one of the most well-known. Try like a rejection to recover. This can be a broken love affair, friendship, or dismissal. The rejected stalker is trying this relationship to recover but can also from his vengeance. In this case the stalker can be very jealous and intimidating. In some cases, also the use of violence.

The vengeful stalker

3. The following stalker looks very similar to the previous one. ‘The vengeful stalker’ try for the relationship not to repair it, but it is only on revenge. He or she will be the victim as long as possible to harass until his wraakgevoel slowly died down. The stalker will be the victim a lot of anxiety trying to hunt and can be very obsessive.

The intimiteitszoeker

4. As the fourth in the row we have ‘the intimiteitszoeker’. This form of stalking is most for well-known persons. This stalker wants, but like a loving and intimate relationship with the victim. He or she is convinced that the victim also wants to and if he is long enough to keep up with them a relationship will get. Rejection can be very aggressive and this may be the stalkergedrag worsen. He sends letters, calls frequently, gives gifts, and so on. If the target has a different relationship get will the stalker express this in extreme jealousy.

The hunter

5. The next stalker is ‘the hunter’. This stalker you have it often, not that he or she is you to keep an eye on. The hunter can target the whole day as unobtrusively as possible spy because he or she is preparing for a greater crime (usually sexual) reasons. This offender is often sexually disturbed, often has a low self-esteem, poor social skills and often has a low intelligence.

The incompetent versierder

6. Then we have ‘the incompetent versierder’. This stalker is also looking for an intimate relationship but has often a lack of social skills, is extremely introverted and can often be not on a ‘normal’ way to be in a relationship to start. However, he or she often the idea that everyone is in love with him. This ‘incompetent versierder’ may just strangers afsluipen then ask them for their telephone number, other information, or try to kiss.

The political stalker

7. And last, we have ‘political stalker’. This done, the stalk not from emotion but it is a deliberate act. In this form, do the stalker also no psychological problems. It can, for example, a father who take matters in their own hands will take and a convicted paedophile way to stalk. It is so harassing, bullying meant.

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