Weinstein defends himself against allegations Uma Thurman

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The cases filmmagnaat has previously denied Uma to have raped in a hotel room.

Filmmaker Harvey Weinstein has Uma Thurman attacked over accusations that he was in a car accident on the set of Kill Bill in 2003, has tried to cover up. Uma posted this weekend an article in The New York Times, in which him accused of a sexual assault in a hotel room 25 years ago. A spokesman for Weinstein denies the incident. It was going to be an uncomfortable versierpoging, where the filmmagnaat ‘signals wrongly understood’, for which he immediately had excused and where he is much sorry. The spokesman says that it is not true that there is a physical attack.

Uma handed also footage of the New York Times of a car accident on the set of Kill Bill. The actress said on Instagram that they are Quentin Tarantino had forgiven for the fact that he had forced in the unsafe car. But they had the producers never forgive that she had tried the accident to cover it up. She came through it in the hospital. According to Uma, there is ‘proof destroyed’.

The actress fell to her agents, that the accident had never investigated. They see this: “I hope she is with other clients respectful to deal with.’

After the latest allegations, a spokesman said Weinstein a lot of affection feels for Uma Thurman, but that he is the allegations it denies. “He has no instructions given for the vehicle to destroy, and this is the first time that he hears that ms. Thurman has problems with the handling of her accident. He would like that, mrs. Thurman, at that time about her concerns had spoken, and wants her with additional details, so that he can help to make this chapter of her life to a close.’

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