UN investigating use of chlorine gas to Syria

5deb4fc428276ba0640d0b5f125f4cf3 - UN investigating use of chlorine gas to Syria

GENEVA – UPDATE 13.15 pm – The United Nations to investigate several reports about the use of chlorine gas against civilians in the Syrian places Saraqeb in the region of Idlib and Douma in the eastern Ghouta.

At the siege of the enclave Ghouta, which is in the hands of rebels, “the international crimes of indiscriminate bombing and intentional starvation of the civilian population” was committed. That explained the head of the international commission of inquiry for Syria, Paulo Pinheiro.

Posts about air raids on at least three hospitals in the last days “make a mockery of the so-called de-escalatiezones,” said Pinheiro.

The United States showed Monday know “deeply concerned” about reports that the Syrian government in the Idlib province as well as chlorine gas has been used. Emergency services had earlier in the day reported that once again people have died by poison gas.

According to rescue workers camps certainly nine people with breathing problems due to chemicals used in the aerial bombardment in the north west in Syria has been released.

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