Ukraine forces maintenance af with ’wall of shame’-list

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KIEV – Ukraine has an online registry launched with the 75,000 names of fathers the child support to pay. With the “wall of shame” wants the country to force them to pay. Who is on the list, should not to travel abroad unless there for six months is paid. In an entry on the list may be the police vehicle of the person in question take.

The minister of Justice reports that women the system can use to determine whether a man is in the system before they have a relationship start. Also the minister with a call to the industry to bring the register to consult in their search for potential business partners.

There are also women on the list.

The country would be for the approach to the United States have looked at. In the U.S., national and local authorities in a similar way with this problem. In Arizona, the name, photograph and the amount of parents published.

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