U.S. concerned about using chlorine gas to Syria

0decf8376c95360d8a2d465e0c8215c4 - U.S. concerned about using chlorine gas to Syria

WASHINGTON – The United States, are deeply concerned” about reports that the Syrian government in the Idlib province as well as chlorine gas has been used. That leaves the ministry of Foreign Affairs Monday to know, after emergency services earlier in the day reported that once again people have died by poison gas.

According to rescue workers camps certainly nine people with breathing problems due to chemicals used in the aerial bombardment in the north west in Syria has been released. Russia by the US blamed its obligations, because the Russian government, the regime in Damascus continues to protect.

Last month spoke to the American minister of Foreign Affairs Rex Tillerson expressed his concerns though, because the Syrian government of president Bashar al-Assad may still have chemical weapons used. Tillerson added that the attacks also has carried out,Russia will eventually assume responsibility for the victims”.

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