Turkish government wants more internetcontrole

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ISTANBUL – The Turkish government wants a new law to enter for more internetcontrole. All of the websites that regular video or audio recording to publish, in the future, due to the omroepautoriteit (RTÜK) to be controlled.

Reports that the conservative ruling party AKP. Websites could, in future, a license can get after control by the police and the secret service. Violations of the RTÜK rules, the court may order the access to a website to block and revoke the license.

The proposed law has as its purpose the Turkish media where the government don’t agree with is to block and to foreign platforms like Netflix to check. The platform may thus be forced to kusscènes to remove.

Opponents call the proposal a form of censorship. The minister of Communications, defended the law and says that the proposal is only to change the rules that already exist also apply on the internet.

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