Trump sued by 9/11-condemned

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The Frenchman Zacarias fashion tv, the only person in the USA was convicted for the september 11 attacks, says that he was psychologically tortured. Therefore complains, he served as president, Donald Trump for the circumstances of his captivity.

News agency AFP was written indictment be read. The document was already in december submitted. In the text accuses Mossaoui the government-Trump and the American prison system. He says that they gave him access to a lawyer, deny him psychologically to break down, and to avoid that he is the truth about september 11 would reveal.

He repeats his earlier allegations that the Saudi royal family. Prominent members thereof funded, according to him, al-Qaeda, and the attacks of 11 september have prepared.

The former member of the terrorist group known as the ‘twentieth hijacker’ in the attacks on 11 september 2001. He was planning a hijacked plane to crash on the White House in Washington.

The man was in 2006 sentenced to life imprisonment. The American court has earlier professions that fashion tv filed still rejected.

The allegations that he expressed to the address of Saudi Arabia resulted in a lawsuit. They were denied by the country itself and also contradicted by an official investigation.

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