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The nv Axis starts on Wednesday 7 February to a new year. Then comes season 4 of the successful comedy from the start. And in contrast to the financial fumbling in the series, the series itself is a nice operating profit in September. The Flemish comedy around small businesses and big ego’s scored in his last season average 658.000 viewers and 31,7% of the market share (VVA 18-54, live+7).

In episode 1, reports Dimitri (played by Sid Of Time, known as Kobe from Home) as a laborer on at Of Shaft. Dimitri is the son of Victor Brepols (Dirk van Dyck) and just graduated. His father hopes that a job at the afbraakfirma of Dimitri, a real man will make, but his straight-line principles would soon clash on the gefoefel and the corporate culture Of Axis.

Later in episode three of this season also comes Zjang in the service, played by Sam Louwyck. Louwyck is one of the rare Flemish actors more to work abroad. He stood two years ago compared to the Italian superstar Monica Belluci, an adventure that will take him along with her on the red carpet of the Cannes film Festival did end up. Other notable roles he played in Cargo, their Own Culture and Bullhead. Another newcomer in the cast is Sid Time (Kobe out of the Home). The middle of season 4 will also grandson Kevin Of Axis (Jonas van Geel) back from Australia, but he hasn’t really changed and start his own seedy business.

The role of Maaike Cafmeyer is then expanded again. She cowered in the middle of last season for the first time, as Belinda, the ex of Zjempie (Peter Van den Eede), and Belinda is there to stay. Because in season 4 to let the women of the family business is not located in a corner push. Linde (Rilke Eyckermans) know Dick (Ben Segers) all the way around her finger to rotate, Belinda wants to be a man, and Rita (Els Béatse) is on her streak after yet another blunder of the Eddy Axis (Jan Van Looveren). Even Frakke (Carry Goossens) goes in search of a sweet.

Season four starts where three ended up: Eddy and Herman don’t succeed in business is to do good, as their father is French (Jaak Van Assche). What’s more, they are in the trap Daan (Sven De Ridder) for them: they have set up a wrong building demolished. The firm Of Axis should now be an astronomical claim to the city to pay, may be their downfall. But the Askes still have one secret weapon: a flash memory which includes more information about the black books of Daan. Daan wants the stick back in exchange for a lot of money. Eddy wants to stick to first examine and discovered that it is also compromising information up of large contractors and politicians… Eddy will copy the information and its determination of which to use. The case gets out of hand and it comes down to a final confrontation between paterfamilias French and his oldest son.

Episode 1:
Frakke must be the French a new labour under his wings: Dimitri (Sid Time). Frakke takes Dimitri against his sentence to a afbraakpand. In a closed area bumping them on dozens of brand-new electronic devices, may be the loot of a gang of thieves.

The Sons Of Ash, from Wednesday at 20.35 on VTM.

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