The profiteers of wraakporno

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The spread of nudes against a person’s sentence, is a growing problem. Once something is online, it is come, it spreads rampant. Who benefits thereof?

We know the stories of wraakpornoslachtoffers. Women especially, known and unknown, told last year how nudes on the internet ended up – how their life is destroyed. “You can do just as well …

We know the stories of wraakpornoslachtoffers. Women especially, known and unknown, told last year how nudes on the internet ended up – how their life is destroyed. “You can just as well someone’s throat cut,” said the Dutch (ex-)singer Patricia Mine on tvnadat there is a types of xxx sex of her was spread. ‘Those people don’t know what they’re doing.’

But if it is only to ‘revenge’ would go, how can it be that the proliferation of unwanted naked often so persistent and voluminous? Why fear these victims are sure that the images are never of the internet will disappear?

The ‘parts’ of sexual imagery expands

We are going to consult with Nick Steenland of the company Leakserv’. Who in the Netherlands nudes want to have it removed, comes quickly here. With his team – there are six people in the service – try Nick Steenland unwanted naked tackle.

In Steenland’s right, every day there are a victim. Mostly women, between fourteen and twenty-five years. ‘It starts so young, ” says Steenland. As to minors, he refers them to the police. In 2016, reported at jongerenmeldpunt HelpWanted 1.869 people. Roughly two-thirds of this because there nudes were leaked or threatened to be distributed. You can reassure that the sharing of sexual images are a part of the online culture.

In the past three years saw Steenland a glimpse of what can happen when someone’s nudes online. Leaked nude is in a lot of cases, first on mainstream platforms go, such as Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. The probability that the image a life of its own, according to Steenland one-on-one. ‘The uploader has often not-for-profit. But then all sorts of other parties agreed to the remove. And there is the great danger.’

So it goes in his work (the beginning)

Who wants to know how that web of profiteers look, the best the route of an image to follow. Set: boy share naaktbeeld of his girlfriend, only with friends. But one of those friends sends it by – perhaps just for the fun of it – from then on, the picture is outlawed.

The image ends up in whatsappgroepen, chatkanalen, and on public social media. There it is picked up and with a few clicks on a porn site posted. From now on, the images are not only stressful, but also worth the money. Looking at these sites is usually free, but advertising is earned. Material to get your hands on is attractive: also uploaders to get a share of the ad revenue.

So it goes (the porn sites)

Unwanted leaked naked you don’t have to the depths of the internet. ‘Pornhub, one of the most famous porn sites in the world [75 million daily visitors, in the list of most visited sites is Pornhub at number 37, just behind Netflix, red.], is also full of illegal material, ” says Steenland. ‘Really packed.’

He can see at a glance whether the material is stolen. The videos and photos are often grainy, and the vertical shot. It is striking how often filmed from the male perspective. ‘Revenge porn’ and ‘girlfriend exposed’, there are popular search terms. Deletion requests of Steenland are usually by Pornhub granted. ‘They want no thunder, but make it as difficult as possible. I can not in one fell swoop, all the videos from one section of report.’

The challenged material from Pornhub, then, is often quickly copied by hundreds of other small and obscure sites. The one deserves to ads – the more views, the higher the amount. Concrete figures are not there (also for uploaders vary the rates), it is estimated that at a site such as Pornhub one euro per thousand views on average. Others earn money through the stolen material behind a betaalmuur.

Or, that looks Steenland sometimes, they earn just money to the victim. ‘Remove?’ screams the banner in the upper right-hand corner: ‘five Hundred dollars’. Some websites are designed the image never of the internet to make them disappear. And even if a movie is gone, will the victim’s name in the title of other pornofilmpjes continue to circulate. A well-known name generates clicks to the image of Patricia Mine is still being sought.

How to work Leakerserv?

When a victim logs in to Nick Steenland, he looks first how widespread the problem is, then they make a quotation. Leakserv charges 30 euro per removed image, with a maximum monthly fee of 200 euros – a subscription which Leakserv constantly scans the material. They search the obvious places, big porn sites, but also blogging platforms to Tumblr, where material, according to Steenland often pops up. Leakserv nothing can remove it, but need requests. A hotline as HelpWanted instructs victims with a manual, and how they themselves can do.

The founder earned a lot of money (one went out of the cell)

The world of unwanted naked was a few years ago a clear face. The American Hunter Moore was around 2010 is world famous as the founder of ‘wraakpornosites’. His site turned completely on leaked material. On a good day, pulled the site, say, 350,000 unique visitors. In his best months, he earned $ 30,000, according to a profile from 2012 of the American magazine Rolling Stone. Moore wanted ‘the world simply dominate. Like a white P. Diddy’.

According to him, it was not a question of whether someone money with such images started earning, but who. When he on a talk show with two victims of his site was facing, he said: “I’m Sorry that your daughter online, raped. But now she knows at least how technology works.’

Moore was in 2015 to two years in jail convicted of hacking and identity theft. This world is now dominated by pseudonyms and shadowy accounts, people who are literally ‘thief’. By modern technology, everyone can easily anonymous to steal and share.

It is not just about money

Only money may be the persistence of images, however, not to explain. Also, humiliation and power play a significant role. On sites with a wraakporno circulates “The Exposure Manifesto”, a list of seven commandments for the dissemination. Commandment three: ‘An attractive bitch will have to accept that her role in life that of sexual object’.

Arda Gerkens of young people-contactpoint HelpWanted know that there for the same reason, extensive whatsapp and Telegramgroepen existence packed with leaked material. “I have groups containing sixteen hundred participants,” she says. ‘Purpose is to make as many images to post. Like a trophy.’

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