The great love of BOD-farmer Olke died

047eb9f48b711d990fca7691bdfa1302 - The great love of BOD-farmer Olke died

Farmer Olke from Farmer wants a Wife did, after a pathetic search in the tv program, and ultimately the great love of Karen after the tv series. But if his happiness does not last. Last Saturday, she is at home asleep, after treatment for her cancer is no longer allowed income. The news was by the editorial staff of Farmer wants a Wife.

Presenter Yvon Jaspers lives to be very involved with the likeable farmer from Texas. “We were so happy for Olke Karen in his life came. She was exactly what Olke was looking for in a woman, he flourished all the way”, she writes in a comment on the website of the KRO/NCRV-program. She Karen has also personally know, all she came for farmer Olke only enter the picture after the shooting of Farmer wants a Wife. “We have Karen a number of times in the Netherlands are allowed to meet and get to know her as a very warm and loving woman.”

From Jaspers’ story shows that the disease can be a rough end to the liefdessprookje that hasn’t at its romantic peak. In fact, he had her just at the wedding asked, after a whole evening ’happy and confident’ danced on the night that they are for recordings of the specials in Limburg. “And of course she said ‘yes’. Unfortunately, it has not as may be.”

When the hopeful couple returned to America, was suddenly and rapidly worse, Karen. The treatment could no longer save. Olke, there will not only stand for, now his wife is missing, and is left with her daughter and son from her previous relationship. “The editors and all the farmers living intensely with Olke and there will also be in this difficult time for him,” let Yvon know.

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