Thai millionaire arrested after poaching black panther

2ca66b5f06be9739ea1a9148f52e01ee - Thai millionaire arrested after poaching black panther

Karnastura (middle) was by the park rangers arrested

The ceo of a large construction company in Thailand, by Forbes, once one of the richest people in his country, is arrested for the poaching of a black panther in a national park in the west of the country.

That have the authorities announced Tuesday. Premchai Karnasuta, who stands at the head of bouwgigant Italian-Thai Development (ITD), was in the night from Sunday to Monday, together with others, was arrested by park rangers of the game reserve Thungyai.

Sunday night, they heard shots, but when they afgingen on the sound, they found only the carcasses of a black panther, a muntjakhert and a Nepalfazant. The panther, a rare species, was cut to pieces and scalped.

The 63-year-old Karnasuta and his company were arrested and the remains of the animals, weapons and ammunition. They are sued for illegal hunting in the wild, and illegal possession of carcasses of protected species.

It is very rare that a well-known person arrested for poaching in Thailand. If he is found guilty may he up to 20 years in prison. The Thai minister of Environment and Natural resources, Surasak Kanchanarat, called Tuesday on the case to examine it thoroughly.

In 2010 it was Karnasuta on the 29th place of the Forbes list of richest people of Thailand.

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