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Tempting pitching

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There is a lot of ‘followed’ on your tv tonight. Theo Francken, about new doctors, to world-famous designers. Or you can look up or young entrepreneurs to create their idea of tempting ‘pitched’.


VTM 21.45-22.40 pm

Luk Alloo is doing fantastically at the start of the new season of his reportagereeks. In full-Sudan-crisis, he was state secretary Theo Francken.

2. LIONS ‘ den

Four 21.35-22.40 pm

It happened in the last few years often that a Flemish channel to a foreign program-idea bought, but this time it would be the remake really can be interesting. The original, the British Dragons, after all, is an agile program. Five successful investors give budding entrepreneurs a push in the back as they have managed their product tempting to pitch. Evy Gruyaert may present


Four 20.35-21.35 pm

This program is available all four seasons ensures an outstanding, compelling television. For this fifth season has the Woestijnvis-team, all new doctors followed.


BBC2 22.00-23.00

Ikea began as a banal furniture store in an equally banal Swedish town. A few decades later, it is one of the world’s most recognizable brands. The meubelgigant, founded by the recently deceased Ingvar Kamprad, invites for a number of years also world-famous designers to pcs to design. British cameras followed some of them.

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