‘Temptation’s Tim and Deborah cancel their wedding’

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‘Temptation’s Tim and Deborah cancel their wedding’

Tim and Deborah Videostill: RTL

The new season of Temptation Island has begun. Last week we were treated to a dubbelaflevering, after that a lot of viewers carefully, and concluded that Tim and Deborah the best opportunity to ‘survive’. We would occasionally be at the wrong end.

The Flemish couple had their marriage cancelled, we read on the website of the magazine Flair. The leaf is from a reliable source learned that ‘house, garden, baby ” there for Tim and Deborah’t seem to be.

“We have first hand learned that Tim and Deborah for their civil wedding at the town hall in Aalst have deleted from the schedule. Also their application for a horse and cart about the car-free market to be allowed to drive, they have apparently withdrawn,” writes Flair.

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Is that wedding there?

According to the Flemish channel FIVE ‘s message. “Before traveling to Thailand there was still no wedding date is fixed, since Tim was still no proposal had done to Deborah,” said Barbara Solomon.

But then there is still Inti de Ceukelaire of Medium, that the social media accounts of the Temptation Island participants skillfully uitploos. Tim would, according to him, a lot of alluring comments under the photos of the other ladies have left, Deborah, was busy with the kids photos in the category ‘married’ and at the same time, with the like of texts about exes.

Furthermore, Tim has according to The Ceukelaire his house to purchase, although that does not necessarily mean that this is the love nest of the two. It would be just as well the house where Deborah and Tim after their wedding their way.

So many questions… Luckily awaits us next Thursday for a new episode.

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