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Tarantino: ‘never anywhere so much regret’

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Director Quentin Tarantino has his regret expressed for the accident involving the actress Uma Thurman was involved during the filming of the movie Kill Bill. But he denies that there is evil intent in the game was.

Thurman spoke in the aftermath of the case, Weinstein a few days ago for the first time about the problems that they had with Tarantino. So he would have her against her will forced to esnel with a rickety car racing, where they crashed. She still suffers from the injuries that they suffered. In addition, Tarantino a number of humiliating scenes with her included.

In an interview with the magazine Deadline denies Tarantino the facts, but he qualifies them. He says that during the filming of the conscious autoscene from Kill Bill is not aware that it is a dangerous action. “I told her that it is a straight road went, and that she could drive. Uma said ‘okay’, because they are me trusted. I told her that it was safe. But that was not the case. I had it wrong. I have her in the car forced. They are themselves stepped in because they thought I was trusted and believed.

That he is the way inadequately controlled calls Tarantino’s now ” one of the things I most regret in my whole life’. It was only after the accident that the director noticed that the road is “not so right”. He speaks of ‘an optical illusion’. “I have her during the filming as much as possible itself, and that went flawlessly. But during the last four days of filming, she came almost to, in what we thought was what an ordinary ride.” The car is in bad condition, and got the director to say that only after the pictures to know.

Tarantino admits that it’s his relationship with Thurman firm has soured. “It is not that we have not talked. But there was a breach of trust.’

‘Spit is hard’

Also for the other allegations that Thurman now has made Tarantino a slightly different version of the facts. So he has an excuse for the fact that he had for a certain scene in the face spat, even though he had not come into view. He says that he has too little confidence in actor Michael Madsen to do that. “And who should do it? A worker?’

That he really spat blame he to the fact that ordinary water there is not really enough to be like. ‘It appears that it is very difficult to get good people to spit’.

‘Asking permission’

That Tarantino during the same recordings Thurman strangled, he declares in the same way: strangling was necessary to the scene there really enough to do to look like this. He tell her to ask your permission to have her 30 seconds to strangle. If necessary, he wanted it a second time to film, but not more, so says the director is still in the call with Deadline.

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