Successor Utopia hot House of Talent

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Successor Utopia hot House of Talent

Every artist, every six weeks, a number release.

SBS6 comes up with a new daily reality-soap. House of Talent begins in the summer SBS6, where the each working day in the eve to see. The program takes the place of the popular Utopia, that at the end of may will stop.


In-House or Talent of eight musical talents in the former radio and television studio of the AVRO broadcasting company in Hilversum, cohabitation, and from there to their few work.

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The transmitter begins Tuesday with the recruitment of artists for the soap, in which there is room for both a rapper as a singer, a rocker and a dj. Every artist, every six weeks, a number release. “The viewer follows their adventure on the foot and has been witness to the relationships, the successes, the setbacks and the performances in the country,” says SBS6.


“What artist is there in a short time enormously popular and earn money with his talent? Earn money and a large fanbase to build are important because the talents will be judged on their performance. During the series, there are artists and flow of new, motivated talent in.”

Tony van de Berkt of record company 8ball Music is closely related to the program involved. Tony was previously shown in the talent show The Next Boy/Girl Band. In House of Talent, he sends as labelboss two managers who have their own artists as much as possible try to make. “For House of Talent, we need people who music dreams and breathe. You work 24/7 on your own music, the audience teaches you know well and you will be guided by the best professionals from the music industry,” says Van de Berkt. “Everyone who is seriously a music career aims, and this unique chance to take hold, must quickly give up.”

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