Steve Over refuses to testify in House

6850968357fecc5528517fae6b2104d9 - Steve Over refuses to testify in House

WASHINGTON – The former adviser of the Us president, Steve Over, refusing Tuesday to testify before the commission of the House of Representatives, investigating possible Russian interference in the election campaign of 2016. This runs Over the risk of being held to weigh contempt, because he does not respond to the summons, reported in the American media.

The disgraced confidant of Donald Trump would not want to show up because there is no agreement on the scope of the questions put to him. Over only want to answer questions about his period as a campaign manager, before Trump, the elected president was.

The testimony of Over for the commission has been two times delayed because there is lack of clarity was whether he could be questioned about the transitional period after the elections and his time in the White House.

Over should, however, plan to answer all the questions that the special prosecutor Robert Mueller to him in his investigation of the same alleged Russian influence on team Trump.

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