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Sky team boss Dave Brailsford believes firmly in the integrity of Froome, but French heels re at Brit

d74038767248ccc8494d6d74c3fa9daa - Sky team boss Dave Brailsford believes firmly in the integrity of Froome, but French heels re at Brit

For Dave Brailsford, team boss of team Sky, Chris Froome is not a punishment earns as a result of the high value of salbutamol, which the British rider is found during the by him won the Tour of Spain. “It is for me no question: Chris has not done anything wrong,” said Brailsford in Colombia against local reporters.

Froome must join the international wielrenunie UCI to justify for the high value of the anti-astmamiddel in his body and risking a suspension. Other riders and even UCI boss David Lappartient find that Sky during the research Froome off course, but the four-time tour winner will start next week in the Ruta del Sol. “It is a difficult situation,” acknowledged Brailsford. “We want the UCI, the sport leads, we have the rules of WADA and we have our team and the importance of the individual rider. For those last two, I’m responsible, but I also need to the importance of the sport think. But I believe in his innocence.”

Brailsford is not pleased with the publicity around the case. “This is confidential. At this time, had never in the public eye must come. Everyone has the right to a fair trial. Also that is why we support him, though I understand that it is a difficult situation, for everyone. The fact that he can now start driving again, we have from everyone’s point of view, but I believe in Chris and think he should get to ride a bicycle, while we are there in the background to show that nothing wrong has been done. We want his innocence to prove, but that requires a careful investigation.”

“Sky does not care about image”

That the French cycling Froome, meanwhile, raw lust, is already longer known. Among other Tourfavoriet Romain Bardet does not understand that the Brit can rates while his / her case pending. Also ex-supervisor and current French coach Cyrille Guimard is that Froome and Team Sky their booklet to go outside.

“Sky takes the freedom to play with the rules for their rider to let rates,” he says in L’equipe. “It is an outright provocation. It is even worse, it is pure cynicism. That Froome will start in the Ruta del Sol is an action of I, and the rest can choke. They give absolutely nothing to the fact that they are the image of cycling is huge claims.”

“They want the procedure as long as possible, stretch. That gives them more opportunity to do something technical, so that Froome is ultimately acquitted. And now he’s going to be a star in the Ruta del Sol. Because all cameras will be on him. A shame is that. Maybe other riders what to do. Like not next to him to drive or refuse doping tests to undergo.”

The French sports also asked the opinion of Richard Virenque, once involved in a doping scandal. “I don’t see why Froome can’t start in Spain. It is just a race that he would have to drive while his file. But if I was him, I would announce not to start in the Tour. The pressure is just too great.”

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