Royal wedding postponed

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The marriage of the Japanese princess Mako has been delayed until 2020. The duo is not ready at all to marry each other, says the.

The huwelijksplannen of the granddaughter of the emperor royal highness akihito did in Japan already raised some dust. The princess is engaged to a commoner, Boulder Komuro. Therefore, she will officially no longer part of the imperial family. She will lose her title of nobility.

The torque came in may last year with the huwelijksplannen to the outside. It was then the intention that they will be in november of this year, would marry. But now informs the couple that they are ‘not mature enough’, and the marriage provisionally postpone. They have ’different things’ you want to speed up, and need more time to make their plans for the future to map out.

There may also be a problem with the planning: in 2019, would be the emperor royal highness akihito to resign, and that will be the necessary attention of the family to claim. According to CNN, walk to the preparations of the marriage become too much delay.

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