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“Rivalry between Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso we want to see”

According to McLaren CEO Zak Brown, we go the next F1 season again old-fashioned duels between Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton. The American is eager to go until it happens.

During the 2007 season, were Alonso and Hamilton team-mates at McLaren and that didn’t go off without a hitch. Hamilton drove his first season between the big boys and Fernando Alonso just had his second world title earned in 2006. The young talent made a strong debut and Alonso took the team to Hamilton was favoured.

By their gebakkelei on and off the track was Kimi were times in haste on a thief world champion and Alonso returned after one season is already back to his old love Renault. Current McLaren CEO Zak Brown was not a part of the team but he has to own say a clear picture of what went wrong.

“You had at that time a situation where two of the best young riders in the world the other wanted to defeat and that led to an unhealthy situation,” says Brown against ‘Express Sport’. “The same thing we saw with Senna and Prost and Piquet and Mansell.”

“I think that if you two young lions together locks that guaranteed fireworks results. Sometimes you can manage to that lead in the right direction such as, for example, Mercedes for the last couple of years. They had the tension between Hamilton and Rosberg is pretty much under control but it was intense.”

“Senna and Prost were always with each other in the clinch before Prost, the team left. The situation with Lewis and Fernando became untenable, they were two young riders who himself always wanted to prove it.”

Since their passage as teammates at McLaren was Hamilton’s four-time world champion and Alonso remained stuck on the two instances that he already had. The last three seasons could be the difference between the two is almost not more, Hamilton is a regular customer in the battle for the title while Alonso was condemned to fighting in the rearguard.

At McLaren they have in 2018, all of their hopes on the Renault power plants, and Brown hopes that way, battles between Hamilton and Alonso.

“I can’t wait to see it, I’m curious who on what position will be driving next season,” Brown continued. “I can’t wait to be a fight between Fernando and Stoffel themselves, and also between Fernando and Lewis, in a car, which makes it possible to race.”

“Last season we were sometimes better for the day during the qualifying but our racepace was usually dramatic. In the Spa Fernando is strong in the qualifying but during the race he was to the ears driven. It was fun to see how he is in Mexico a robbertje uitvocht with Lewis, because he is in a situation was reached in which we become more competitive.”

“I hope we can see more of that, but then what more in the forefront of the field,” concludes Brown.

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