Quentin Tarantino has regrets of failed filmstunt with Uma Thurman

094920dae296b35c8d5d53c376b8b717 - Quentin Tarantino has regrets of failed filmstunt with Uma Thurman

Quentin Tarantino in an interview with the filmmagazine Deadline his deep regret expressed about a failed filmstunt for the movie “Kill Bill” in which lead actress Uma Thurman was injured. “That accident is one of the things in my life that made me the most sorry,” said the 54-year-old director after the New York Times last week about the incident wrote.

Tarantino, who is known as a demanding director, knew Uma Thurman 15 years ago to convince a car on a country road to drive for a car chase. In a recently published video shows the actress in a first attempt the steering control lose and against a tree, collides. In the accident hit the actress injuries. They would be in the years to suffer from pain in her neck.

“They gave me the blame of this accident. I admit that she’s right. I have convinced her to be in that car, and assured her that the road was safe. Unfortunately that was not the case,” said Tarantino.

In a comment on Instagram says Thurman, that they do not believe that Tarantino her intentionally in danger. “Quentin has the images a few years after the incident released, although he is a big risk it was the images of his reputation would be damaged. I am proud of him that he has made the right decision.”

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