Pronunciation Willem Bol two months suspended

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-The court of appeal Arnhem-Leeuwarden doing on april 17, ruling in the legal dispute between former showmaster Willem Bol and insurance company Generali. The court would initially Tuesday, a verdict sheet, but the pronunciation is according to a spokeswoman of the court, with two months suspended.

Willem Bol, ever celebrated quizmaster at the NCRV, bivakkeert today, sick and destitute with his wife and seventeen-year-old daughter in a holiday park in Heino. To say the former tv star destroyed by his insurance, which he suspects of fraud.

Bol is struggling with a hernia, parkinson’s, diabetes and depression. He was rejected, but the insurer had doubts and enlisted a private detective. Who found that Bulb lot flicker and best was able to work. Then put the insurance benefits stop, and asked for the top four tons back.

Multiple lawsuits were already conducted. “All of the efforts we have undertaken to work together to get out of his unfortunately failed,” says Generali on its website. The parties wanted to appeal a settlement find, but were there during the hearings at the court of appeal. According to the Volkskrant provides the insurer the cancellation of debts and demands Bol a mortgage of 250,000 euro and a subsequent payment of € 350,000. He also wants that his name is purified. He no longer wants to be listed as fraudster.

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