Popular Dutch series, “The Luizenmoeder” gets sequel

f9cad4ac3b53696f3e0b12edc7042953 - Popular Dutch series, "The Luizenmoeder" gets sequel

The ever-growing group of viewers to The Luizenmoeder on NPO 3 can also next season sympathise with principal Anton, miss Ank and Hannah and her daughter’s Floor. The comic series will have a sequel, reports the Dutch public broadcaster AVROTROS.

“With these figures in our report, a second season of The Luizenmoeder of course…”, tweeted the broadcaster.

The ‘report cards’ to lie there is, indeed, not to: Sunday night looked almost 3.5 million people to the fourth episode of the series around pupils, parents and staff of elementary school to The Ivy. It was also the best watched tv programme of the day.

The first episode drew 844.000 viewers, the second 1.4 million, and last week, there were, according to Foundation for sight examination (SKO), 2.4 million. Lead roles are played by Jennifer Hoffman, Henry van Loon and Bianca Krijgsman.

The series also received in Belgium attention by an interview in The Standard. Belgian viewers will be able to the episodes on the website of NPO.

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