New rocket shoots Tesla in the direction of Mars

db3e31e2b7c1dbf1735e12145283505a - New rocket shoots Tesla in the direction of Mars

CAPE CANAVERAL – A brand new rocket must be Tuesday on his first test start. On board is immediately a striking charge. No satellites, not astronauts, but a car. It is the red Tesla Roadster of the businessman Elon Musk.

Not only is he the founder of Tesla, but also of space SpaceX. The car must be in orbit around Mars. Along the way it should, the song Space Oddity by David Bowie from the speakers sound.

The launch should be around 19: 30 hours Dutch time, starting to happen in the ruimtebasis Cape Canaveral in Florida. The Tesla is on top of the rocket Falcon Heavy. That’s the most powerful launcher since the missiles almost a half century ago, people to the moon and back brought. The new rocket should be to help people back further in the space, in the future, possibly even to Mars.

The rocket will be three so-called boosters use to get loose from the ground. It contains 27 engines, which have almost the same power as eighteen Boeing 747. That is two times as strong as the most powerful rocket now. If the task of the boosters is over, they must return to the earth and careful countries, so that they can be reused.

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