Mercedes-Benz says ’sorry’ to quote the Dalai Lama

a7687848f7d5142b42613664cc415173 - Mercedes-Benz says ’sorry’ to quote the Dalai Lama

BEIJING – car Company Mercedes-Benz has officially apologized for the quote of the Dalai Lama. Large international companies are becoming more and more afraid of sanctions from China, which politically sensitive topics is increasingly with velvet gloves to be addressed.

In a “MaandagMotivatie”-message on Instagram showed Mercedes a car with the quote: “Look at the situation from all sides, and you’ll find yourself open.” That spell comes from the Tibetan spiritual leader, but many Chinese people see the nobel prize winner as a bogeyman and dangerous separatist.

The message was removed and China will ’sincere apologies’, as it sounds humbly from Mercedes. “We are taking steps to Chinese values and culture to better understand, along with international employees, to our actions to standardize, so that this never happens again,” says a company spokesman.

Chinese authorities and consumers are becoming more and more critical and demanding compared to international brands about political issues. Delta Air Plines and Zara were for example criticism because they initially Taiwan and Tibet as an official of countries on their website had listed, while China claims that those parts of them belongs.

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