Luck that Assange embassy can leave

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LONDON – After vijfenhalf year, there is a luck that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in the embassy of Ecuador in London can leave. A British judge does Tuesday ruling in a case that Assange has brought to the arrest warrant against him. If that is granted, Assange finally the embassy.

Assange broke in 2012 on the promise that he had done when he was out on bail, was released and fled to the embassy in. He was previously arrested on suspicion of rape and sexual assault in Sweden. Sweden has the arrest warrant against the WikiLeaks frontman now let fall, and, according to his lawyers would Britain should do the same.

According to his defense lives Assange in circumstances “that seem to be in captivity, without access to medical care or sunlight.” Assange would now suffer from his teeth, his joints, and depression.

The public ministry argues that Assange the terms of its deposit has been violated and therefore should be arrested.

Assange was in december Ecuadoraans citizen in an attempt to break the deadlock. London refused him a diplomatic status, thus making his stay in the embassy still continues.

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