Liefdesbreuk for Ben Van Ostade

7d878ae6aa2276335c978ae9ea309600 - Liefdesbreuk for Ben Van Ostade

“Home”-actor Ben Van Ostade and his girlfriend, actress Anke The Knight, go each their own way. Their relationship recently on the rocks, message Day, All day.

The couple showed up for the first time public at the premiere of the play “Brasschaatse Housewives” in the Antwerp Theater Elckerlyc. “That seemed to us to be the ideal time to as a couple would come out,” said Anke when.

Only five months later, the love. “We are not a couple more. Ben and I have agreed to say nothing about the why of this decision,” said the 38-year-old actress to the magazine. She also stresses that there is no one else in her life. “It’s too early,” she concludes.

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