Kim Kötter en Jaap Reesema still have no name for second child

Kim Kötter en Jaap Reesema are not yet ready for the arrival of their second child. Seven weeks before the due date, the nursery is still not finished and also is there still not decided about the name of their child.

In conversation with The Telegraph says the couple that the child is really not earlier. “There really should be still much work to be done,” says the singer.

It is the second child for the couple, that is at the end of december 2017 fiance. In may 2016, was son of Muck was born. Their second child is a boy. Or the unborn baby also has its own Instagramaccount, just like its big brother, it is not yet known.

“How nice for the Muck that he has a brother. And useful, too, because I could get all his nice clothes to simply reuse,” says Kötter at the time, about the second child.

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