Kevin laughs hard to drankincident

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Kevin Hart was after the won the Super Bowl of the Philadelphia Eagles denied access to the stage, where the team is their victory in fourth and the coveted cup was awarded. The comedian was, in his own words ’a bit drunk’ and responded via two videos of the incident.

In the first video is the comedian in the car and confesses he is ” slightly too deep in the glass to have looked at’. “But what excites it! The Eagles are champion and I’m still drunk!”, howling, he. Harts wife he would have not recommended the stage to enter; a wise advice that he is in the wind smote it, as he himself says with a schaterende smile.

In the second movie shows the Jumanji actor, a compilation of how the match has experienced, and the number of glasses of liquor that Kevin nuttigde in the picture. “I can only laugh. We have a really great time had at the game. I love so incredibly much of these guests, my team!” The hashtags adds Heart ’still drunk, and to suffer from a hangover. “The bit where I have all the players on the field bespring I find really supergrappig! Man, we just don’t have the Super Bowl won, I’m so happy for our city!”

Kevin Hart is not the only famous supporter of the Philadelphia Eagles. Also Will Smith is a big fan. He is, as he is the openingstune of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air all sang, born and raised in West Philadelphia. Actor and Eagles fan Bradley Cooper was Sunday present at the Super Bowl, while Sylvester Stallone, in Philadelphia, immortalized with a Rocky statue, the team this season encourages via social media.

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