Judge authorizes anonymous jury properly on the trial against ‘El Chapo’

b69311085e962a499087c65309aa106c - Judge authorizes anonymous jury properly on the trial against ‘El Chapo’

The twelve jurors for the upcoming trial against Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán will be anonymous on the fate of the Mexican drug lord may decide, as judge Brian Cogan decides. The yet-to elect members of the jury should be against revenge of Guzmáns henchmen to be protected.

Cogan gave for its decision, take into account the pronounced violent character of Guzmán. As the leader of the Sinaloa cartel, he left by mercenaries possibly hundreds of people to kidnap, torture or kill. ‘That is why he is also in New York in solitary confinement for all contact with the outside world to prevent, ” writes Cogan.

In addition, suspected accomplices already understood that she Guzmán want to help. A proof of this is, for example, a Californian inmates filmed video message in January on Youtube appeared. “We are the “killers”, which to him will worry’, said the Spanish-speaking prisoners therein, according to the Los Angeles Times. They would also have declared that Guzmán is still about ” more than 3,500 soldiers’.

By Cogans decision can the reporters nor the parties to the proceedings the names or other private or work addresses of the judges to refer to it. In addition, by the Marshals Service – the police force of the U.s. department of Justice – during the whole duration of the process are shielded from the outside world. The process will likely be in New York in september to begin.

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